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Backyard Winter Jobs

Fight the urge of rugging up and cocooning in a pile of blankets – winter is the best time to get some action going in the garden! Beside some general pruning and tidying, for any space needing some serious TLC or a full upgrade you can rely on the caring and expert hands of a landscaper. Now is […]

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Pack A Punch In A Small Yard

Have you ever struggled with a small outdoor space? A tricky yard that wouldn’t cooperate with your ideas? Keep on reading for a few quick tips to help you get small yards to work harder for you and deliver a fantastic outdoor experience not compromised by mere footage. Be Realistic What is your key priority […]

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Advantages of Natural Stone Stepping Stones

stepping stones

Stepping stones are a beloved, versatile hardscaping option that suits many different environments. Read on to learn more on the advantages of utilising these clever natural stone products. They are fun and versatile Stepping stones can go all the way from being formal, and add sharpness to your garden, or be more organised and be […]

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Natural Stone Wall Cladding

Thinking about wall cladding, there’s plenty advantages to reflect upon: it’s beautiful, it’s easy to care for and it can transform and dress up any space. We will review below 3 of the best advantages of natural stone wall cladding. 1 – Transform your surfaces Whether it’s a single wall or a whole building block […]

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Indoors to Outdoors and back – the most suited paving materials

No longer an afterthought, our outdoors are now more than ever a planned, intentional continuum of our indoor spaces. Colours, textures and materials are playing the protagonist roles in ensuring that smooth transition and help provide style consistency across the board. Focussing on paving materials, let’s take a look at what options are the most suited […]

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Make the Most Out of Your Outdoor Areas

As the weather is slowly getting cooler (hot spurs beside!), we found that now more than ever it’s the perfect time to pick up all those little projects we have all been planning for, but actually never got around to, especially when it comes to our gardens and yards With limited time on our hands, […]

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How To Use Limestone as a Building Material

Olive limestone pavers

Did you know that limestone is likely the first widely-used building material? In fact, some of the oldest stone buildings in the world were constructed with limestone, like the pyramids in Egypt. As a naturally occurring sedimentary rock, limestone can be found in abundance throughout the world. In terms of construction, limestone can be used […]

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Hardscape Vs Softscape: What’s the Difference?

Rustic Granite Z2

Landscape design is all about balancing different elements. To fully understand how to design a space using these elements, it’s important to understand the difference between the big two – hardscape and softscape. While both are necessary to create a lovely, welcoming outdoor space, the key thing to remember is that they’re polar opposites, much […]

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How To Keep Your Garden Green In Summer

Australian summers can be lethal. The heat can be exhausting and relentless. But while you can head inside to escape the sun and the heat, your garden is stuck with the elements. Luckily, by understanding the simple mechanics of how to help your garden during the warmer months, it can actually thrive over summer. (more…) […]

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Defining a Modern Formal Landscape Design

A formal modern style of landscape design is a classic style with a luxurious look and feel. It’s often referred to as ‘traditional sophistication’. Generally speaking, the term ‘formal modern’ evokes ideas of the regal English garden or the classy French or Italian renaissance design. The good thing is that formal modern can be versatile […]

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