5 DIY Garden-Themed Wedding Favours


When planning your wedding, one of the aspects that many people like to make an effort for are the wedding favours. Wedding favours are a small gift for your guests in appreciation of them attending your wedding. However, they are a tricky tradition to get right because you want to ensure the gift is something your guests are happy to take home, but you also don’t want to spend a fortune on the gifts. After all, there are plenty of other wedding costs to consider.

We live in an age where DIY gifts are becoming an increasingly popular option. With plenty of DIY blogs and stores online, you don’t need to be a DIY pro to be able to create your own wedding favours. There are some fantastic wedding favour ideas available that will work amazingly for your garden wedding, so if you’re getting married at home, or in a stunning garden setting, take a look at these garden-themed wedding favours that are sure to please your guests.

1. Escort cards

Escort cards are used instead of a guest table layout for people to see where they’re sitting. Often table maps are used, but plenty of people get lost and cannot find their table. Escort cards help guests to find their seat and double as a nifty wedding favour. You can create a nice little escort card (or escort item, if you prefer) that guests can take home with them. Another great reason to use an escort item as a wedding favour is that they can be personalised for your guests. By adding their name to the item, it’s a personal touch that is hard to find with other wedding favours. To add a garden theme, you can use a succulent plant in a small pot with the guests name on it. Not only does your guest  get a beautiful succulent to take home, but a personalised pot with their name on it for growing the plant.

2. Wreaths

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas. Wreaths make a great wedding favour and fit perfectly with a garden theme. The best part is, they can be customised to suit your wedding, your theme and the current season. If you’re getting married around the Christmas season, it makes sense to provide a Christmas-themed wreath for your guests. They don’t need to be large in size, even a smaller wreath will be a sufficient gift. The wreath can even consist of the same colours and flower arrangements as featured in your wedding, allowing your theme to continue on even once your guests have gone home.

3. Bud vases

By using a simple design of a wooden block to hold a glass test tube, you are able to create a modern bud vase that your guests can take home. By using the same flowers that are used through your wedding, your guests can take a piece of your wedding home with them. This idea is also a great way to create escort cards or even table decorations for your guests. By adding a small tag to each glass test tube, add the initials of your guests to create custom pieces. Alternatively, you can add their seat and table number to the glass vase as an escort card.

4. Seeds

Having a rustic garden wedding? Perhaps you’d like to give your guests seed paper packets – they can take them home, plant them, and watch love grow. Once again, this is a great way to provide the seeds of the flowers and plants incorporated throughout your garden wedding. The paper packets can be customised with a simple message for your guests to appreciate. Custom paper packets can be a delightful way to provide a special note, your guests names and even some pretty decorations to make your wedding favours just that little bit more special.

5. Potpourri

Potpourri is a great way to match the flowers in your gift, to those used in the wedding. Add some potpourri to a beautiful customised jar to provide a unique gift for each guest. Best of all, potpourri can easily be made by yourself about a week before the big day. By pulling the petals off the flowers you wish to use, dry the petals and then combine them with lavender and fragrance oil to create lovely, fresh potpourri. As you may know, smells can take you back to certain locations and events. By providing a jar of the scent from your wedding day, you can instantly transport guests back to your special day with a stunning jar of potpourri made of the flowers from your wedding.

Test your DIY skills

No matter what wedding favour you provide for your guests, they will always enjoy a gift, no matter how big or small it is. Wedding favours provide you with an opportunity to provide a small gift to thank your guests for coming along to the party and making your day just that little bit more special. When having a garden wedding, you can provide a special wedding favour that suits the theme of your wedding and is customised to each one of your guests.