5 Tips to Enrich Your Daily Routine

outdoor kitchen daily routine

We are all slowly coming to terms with the fact that we won’t be able to return to our “regular” lives for a while and that we will all be spending a lot more time at home.

Whether you’re self isolating, working from home or caring for a loved one, this week we thought we would share with you a handful of simple things you can do to enrich your daily routine, possibly spruce it up and hopefully help you maintain your sanity through these unusual times.

1 – Create structure in your day

Simple things sometimes are the most effective, such as getting up, having breakfast and making your bed could be enough to set your day and put you in the right mood to face your duties. It can also be helpful to set alarms for your tea or lunch breaks as it’s easy to get carried away and end up having lunch at 3pm or skipping it altogether.

Something to look forward to can also encourage you to stick with your routine, for instance having a dedicated window of time to reading one chapter a day of your favourite book, writing a daily diary or have a dedicated window for your favourite hobby.

2 – Have a daily or weekly task list

It can help immensely to stay motivated and ensure you’ll stay on top of what you actually need to do, either managing your work tasks or your household chores.

Break down tasks in simple actions or steps Plus, who doesn’t enjoy the rewarding feeling of ticking things off?

3 – Stay in touch with friends & family

Especially if you are by yourself, you should really try and find the time for a daily chat with your loved ones, with or without videos, but definitely not just via text.

Messages can be misunderstood, frustrate us or put us in a bad mood unnecessarily. Bygone the times of pen and paper, let’s embrace the perks of videos and modern technology and give our smartphones the chance to shine.

4 – Keep active

Physical exercise will boost your morale and generally make you feel better. If you’re isolating with family, friends or housemates it can also lower the chance of conflict since anything it’s heightened and can escalate quickly in a confined living situation.

There’s no need to have machines or tools, simple tutorials are readily available online and, if you’re heading outside for a walk or a run, take due precautions and maintain the required distance.

5 – Stay healthy

There’s an undoubtful connection between a healthy body and a healthy mind and, for as much as we all love takeaways and a tinnie, we can’t live in a perennial “it’s Friday night” mood.

Try to go to bed and wake up every day at approximately the same time, remember to stay hydrated and that your calorie intake might need to be adjusted to your new situation.

We hope this little list may be of help and please let us know what worked well for you and your team as we will keep sharing tips during these isolation times.

If you’re keen to see us or chat with us, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Stay safe and have a great day!