6 Ways to Add Texture to Your Home with Natural Stone

Have you ever walked into a beautifully styled space but felt as though something was missing? You may not quite understand what it is, all the components are there – colour scheme, furniture, decorative items, lighting – so what is it that can feel so wrong sometimes?

Chances are that its texture. Texture is the thing that makes every room pop and stand out. Even the sleekest, most elegant interior design will feel flat and lifeless without texture, and when you forget to incorporate it, your space will always feel as though it’s missing something. Texture takes great design and turns into something spectacular.

So how can you introduce texture into your interior design?

Texture in design

Texture is all about combining objects with different surfaces, colours, and shapes. It serves to engage the senses through the sensation of ‘touch’. But that’s not to mean that you need to have physical contact to feel the power of texture. Even the look of a rough texture can make a space feel more intimate, and smooth surfaces offer a unique sleekness. Used as an architectural element, texture can be striking. The versatile aesthetic of natural stone also allows it to be paired with different feature elements. Contemporary or traditional pots, jars and troughs make great feature pieces that accentuate the rustic elements of natural stone.

Below are some great ways to introduce texture into your home, by creating architectural elements made by natural stone. A blend of elegance, durability, and style – direct from Mother Nature – natural stone is appreciated for its timeless qualities and is a favoured material of many designers looking to give a space a certain edge. Natural stone comes in many different forms and colours and can be used in all areas of the home, making it hugely versatile.

So what are you waiting for? Check out these inspiring ideas and add a ‘wow factor’ to your own home.

1. Front facade/entryway


2. Splashbacks

If you don’t want to fill an entire kitchen wall with natural stone, a great way to incorporate it is through your splashback. Stone splashbacks are easy to install and easy to clean, and suit both classic and contemporary design.

Try a marble mosaic…


Image via Facilismo

3. Slabs


4. Benchtops

Granite and marble are popular and durable natural stone that are commonly used in benchtop applications, but most natural stone can be used as a benchtop cover. Installing a natural stone benchtop is like installing a large piece of art for your home, and finding the right stone to meet your needs allows you to individualise your kitchen…


5. Kitchen


6. Outdoor entertainment

If you’re looking for hardwearing, long-lasting materials to use in your garden and entertaining areas, you can’t go past natural stone. Natural stone effortlessly fits into your garden’s landscape and can be used in a number of ways, from stoves to stairs to stepping stones.


These images illustrate only a few ways that stone can add texture, warmth, life, character, and interest to a room. Take these ideas on board, develop some of your own, and see how your home’s aesthetic can be improved with natural stone today.