Camping Adventures You And Your Dog Will Love

Artisan Stone - Adventures You And Your Dog Will Love

Camping with your BFFF (best furry friend forever) is actually good for the both of you. You may be thinking that your pooch is helping you out by sniffing out the surroundings and keeping you company, but you’re actually doing them a favour too!

Exercising out in the open air is a great de-stressor. You and your pup will feel an amazing difference when exploring the outdoors and enjoying the sunshine. Rather than turning to phone and computer screens, camping will boost relaxation and make you feel better inside and out.

Being around trees and rivers allows you and your dog to breathe in more oxygen and enhance the serotonin levels in your brain. It’s a nice change from the usual air pollution your may not realise you’re inhaling every other day.

On a warm and sunny camping adventure, absorbing sunshine will even out the melatonin levels in your body. This is especially critical for any canine as melatonin aids their body rhythms, reproductive cycles and sleeping patterns. Melatonin is so effective that it even is given to dogs that suffer from phobias and anxiety. Just remember to always protect your skin with sunscreen!

The best thing about taking your dog on a camping trip is that it provides you with a great bonding opportunity.

The best dog-friendly camping destinations

It’s important to research campgrounds ahead of time to ensure that it’s safe for you and your dog, and if you have to adhere to local council regulations.

Luckily, there are plenty of sites across Australia that allow dogs as long as they’re on a lead. We’ve narrowed down three of our favourites for you.

Mystery Bay Campground, NSW

Just over five hours away from Sydney, you can find the spectacular grounds of Mystery Bay. If you like the sound of serene turquoise beaches, rocky bays, and unbelievable views over cliff headlands, this bush camping site is for you!

Your dog will be in just as much awe as you with the oceanfront and beautiful native bushes. It’s perfect for beach lovers who are dying to wriggle their toes in the sand, as well as pups that love a good (and spacious!) game of fetch.

The tall trees provide good shade for a relaxing rest, and firewood is available on-site. Local farms also sell gas and ice, so supplies are only a short drive away if you need anything.

Darlington Park, Beaudesert, QLD

Located 90 minutes from Surfers Paradise and Brisbane, Darlington Park is in the stunning Kerry Valley. It’s a flat, mostly grassy land on the Albert River and has many amenities – BBQs, picnic tables, a cricket ground and toilets.

The eco-friendly park even has a tree swing. You can park beneath tall gum trees on a hill or set up camp near the creek. Both you and your pup will get a kick out of splashing around the crisp, cool water. There are lots of birds and wildlife to see and the sounds of nature are truly relaxing.

Jerusalem Creek – VIC

Situated two hours northeast of Melbourne is Lake Eildon National Park. There you will find the campground of Jerusalem Creek – a peaceful environment where you and your dog can take hike through the pristine bushlands.

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Boating and fishing are also popular activities in the area, so be sure to pack all the right supplies including a dog floatation device for your furry friend. The shores of Lake Eildon attract visitors for their water skiing and paddle boat hire too.

Whether you’re up for an adventure or want to take in the gorgeous view, Jerusalem Creek will not disappoint.

Essential supplies to pack for camping with your dog

Like any other trip, you need to make a list supplies to take with you on your camping adventure. Since your dog will be accompanying you, make a separate list for them as well.

Their list should include everything that will keep them safe, healthy, dry and comfortable. The following are must-haves for camping with your dog:

  • A bed and shelter
  • An extra long leash (for them to roam)
  • Food and fresh water (including their bowls)
  • Pet-friendly insect repellent and a first aid kit
  • A brush
  • A dog floatation device

While preparing your travel bags, it’s also crucial to take preventative measures before you leave the house. Ensure that your dog’s vaccinations, tick control, microchip and details on their collar are up to date.

Remember that on a long car ride, your dog will need to be hydrated and will need to stretch their legs. So be sure to schedule in pit stops in your commute.

Also accommodate for your pet (and the size they take up!) when choosing your tent and other areas that they may share with you.

Inspiration from 4 dog camping pros

Looking for some adventure inspiration? Here are 4 of the best human-canine adventure partners on Instagram to get some ideas from.

1. West Coast Heeler Pack

These guys are awesome because they take K9s on adventure hikes through different trails when their owners cannot. This business takes great care of the dogs they work with by using appropriate dog gear, supplies and products.

Just check out how full their social media is with adorable snaps of pups having the time of their lives!

2. Adventure Dogs

This Instagram account is everything you want your dog adventure to be. From picturesque snow to aqua-coloured lakes, Adventure Dogs celebrates the best destinations for a dog and their owner.

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They highlight adventures from all around the world, so it’s great to know of places that are dog-friendly!

3. Dogs On Adventures™

Dogs on Adventures™ is the place to find inspiration if you’re not afraid of a little dirt! Whether it’s on a tropical island or a muddy trail trek, these camping dogs are exploring to their heart’s content.

Without a doubt, these accounts of camping will make you want to pack a bag ASAP.

4. Small Dogs Hike Too

This one is a shout out to the adorable little dogs out there! Small Dogs Hike Too is all about the travels of two Dachshunds who prove to the world that hiking is not just for big dogs. These cute pups travel in some of the craziest weather conditions to show how it’s done.

For anyone doubting that their small dog could withstand a big adventure, just wait till you check these guys out!

If you don’t own a dog yet and are looking to get one, there is nothing better you can do than adopt one! There are many awesome rescue shelters who are looking to provide their dogs with loving new homes. Read our spotlight on inspirational pet rescue stories to learn more about how you can support some worthy causes.