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Hardscape Vs Softscape: What’s the Difference?

Rustic Granite Z2

Landscape design is all about balancing different elements. To fully understand how to design a space using these elements, it’s important to understand the difference between the big two – hardscape and softscape. While both are necessary to create a lovely, welcoming outdoor space, the key thing to remember is that they’re polar opposites, much […]

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How To Keep Your Garden Green In Summer

Australian summers can be lethal. The heat can be exhausting and relentless. But while you can head inside to escape the sun and the heat, your garden is stuck with the elements. Luckily, by understanding the simple mechanics of how to help your garden during the warmer months, it can actually thrive over summer. (more…) […]

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Defining a Modern Formal Landscape Design

A formal modern style of landscape design is a classic style with a luxurious look and feel. It’s often referred to as ‘traditional sophistication’. Generally speaking, the term ‘formal modern’ evokes ideas of the regal English garden or the classy French or Italian renaissance design. The good thing is that formal modern can be versatile […]

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6 Methods To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint When Landscaping

As people become more vigilant about their environment, there’s no excuse to not extend these efforts to your landscaped garden. Eco-friendly landscaping involves using methods to design, build and maintain your outdoor space that is cost-efficient, saves time and uses energy sustainably. The purpose of eco-landscaping is to encourage the population of flora and fauna, […]

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10 of the Best Hiking Trails in Australia

Artisan Stone - Best Hiking Trails in Australia

Australia is a rare beauty of a land boasting it’s fair share of beaches, deserts, mountains and rainforests. If you enjoy hiking discover the best destinations to put your boots to the test with our top 10 picks for Australia’s best hiking trails. 1. Overland Track, Tasmania A popular if somewhat perilous walk; the Overland […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Eating Ethically: A Beginner’s Guide

Artisan Stone - About Eating Ethically

Put simply, ethical eating involves being consciously aware of the environmental concerns, economic issues and industrial influences that would have resulted from the meal on your plate. Ethical concerns can include the wages of local farmers, humanely sourced meats, sustainable agriculture methods, food wastage, the carbon footprint of food production, and much more. (more…)  

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7 Japanese Gardens That Will Take Your Breath Away

Artisan Stone - 7 Japanese Gardens (3)

Japanese gardens contain incredibly unique landscaping elements. If you’re keen to replicate this aesthetic in your own home, here are seven of the most breathtaking Japanese gardens to draw your inspiration from. 7 Japanese gardens to be inspired by Ryoan-ji Temple One of the most interesting Japanese Gardens is the Ryoan-ji Temple. Unlike most gardens, […]

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Camping Adventures You And Your Dog Will Love

Artisan Stone - Adventures You And Your Dog Will Love

Camping with your BFFF (best furry friend forever) is actually good for the both of you. You may be thinking that your pooch is helping you out by sniffing out the surroundings and keeping you company, but you’re actually doing them a favour too! Exercising out in the open air is a great de-stressor. You […]

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Which Is Better Flooring? Stone Or Wood?


When looking to lay new floors, the battle used to be between hard surfaces and carpet. But surface floors are becoming more and more popular, as people seek to avoid allergens that are common in carpets. Hard surface floors are also much easier to maintain. The two most commonly used hard surfaces are stone and […]

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Inspirational New York City Rooftop Gardens

Artisan Stone -New York City Rooftop Gardens

A must-see on any budding traveller’s bucket list, New York City is one of, if not the most, sought after cities in the world to visit. While The Big Apple has no shortage of sights to see, garden lovers will be salivating at the chance to visit some of the city’s rooftop gardens. (more…)  

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