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Ideas for Styling a Bathroom With Tiles

People spend a lot of time in the bathroom throughout the day; getting ready and showering in the morning, going to the bathroom, or brushing their teeth at night. Since you’re going to be in there so often, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t look just as cohesively designed as any other room of the […]

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15 Tips for Designing a Backyard That’s Entertaining-Friendly

For those who love entertaining, having an outdoor space to host guests is essential. There’s nothing quite like enjoying a meal and a chat with some friends in the great outdoors – whether it’s a warm summer day or a winter’s night by an outdoor fire, fresh air makes it so much more enjoyable. (more…)

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Less is More: How to Use Minimalist Design in Your Home

Stuff. We all have it. Many of us seem to be fighting a losing battle against a growing tide of it. There is stuff on our kitchen counters, on our tables, in our closets, and yes, on our floors. There are studies that show that a cluttered home can cause higher stress and even illness […]

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10 Ways to Decorate Your Home With Travertine

Silver Porcelain – Artisan Stone The beauty of marble with the ease of installation and replacement that limestone brings, travertine’s main strengths lie in its versatility, bold veining, and subtle toning. Travertine goes with just about anything. Indoors it works an elegant tiling piece due to its striking patina. Outdoors, it’s the perfect lining to […]

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10 Creative Ways To Use Pebbles for Landscaping

Pebbles are a great way to add visual and textural interest to your garden or outdoor area. By incorporating pebbles into your landscape design, you can make your garden or outdoor space appear stylish and luxurious. You can use pebbles to fill an empty area and give it character, as well as bring a natural […]

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