Here at Artisan Stone we believe that every pet deserves a forever home, and that the local pet shelters around Australia are doing an amazing job to take care of abandoned dogs and cats until they find their new family.

We’ve decided to shine a light on some of the amazing pet rescue organisations in Australia, and we’ve asked them to share a story about one of their special residents here in the hopes of encouraging more people to rescue their next pet today.

Check out our featured pet shelters here.

Cheltenham Cat Rescue

Cheltenham Cat Rescue provide rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming to homeless cats and kittens across Melbourne. Funded only by public donations, we rely on a network of volunteers and foster carers. All animals taken in are provided any medical care necessary to ensure the best possible quality of life, regardless of their age or condition.

All Things Grow With Love

He's no Channing Tatum, but how can you not love Mika - the big, gentle, beautiful ginger. Mika came into our care with a broken jaw and unable to eat.

He was also suffering terribly from the flu. His tatty ears, drooping eyes and chubby cheeks spoke to a hard life on the street and yet, despite that, he is still so loving. We have loved watching him blossom in foster care and is a true testament to the saying 'all things grow with love'. Mika is still looking for his forever home. We hope one day he will find it for it is what he deserves.


RSPCA ACT has a work force of about 300 people in the ACT, 250 of these people undertake unpaid voluntary work, while the remaining 50 fill permanent and casual paid positions. You can find out more about paid and unpaid work at RSPCA ACT in our volunteering and employment opportunities sections on our website.

Hey Presto!

When Presto first came into the Shelter, he was underweight, frantic and had obviously little training or socialisation with other animals or even people. As a result he failed his first behaviour assessment due to dog aggression. In many places that would have been the end for Presto, but not at RSPCA ACT. As for Presto, we gave him a second chance and now he’s available for adoption. Furthermore, if his new owners promise to continue the training that we have begun with him, he can probably go home to a household with other dogs!

9 Lives Cat Rescue

9 Lives Cat Rescue is a NFP cat welfare group and we live by the motto "until they all have a home" making us a no-kill shelter. ll profits go straight into the care of our cats. The generous donation of time and effort by our foster carers/staff allows 9 Lives to improve the quality of life for both our feline companions and the community.

Sqeaky Girl the Colony Cat!

Squeaky Girl was part of a colony of cats that lived behind a Bunnings in the north of Perth. 9 Lives commenced a Trap, Neuter, Release and Manage program in the area to stop the breeding of more cats. Squeaky was one of these colony cats that learned to trust our feeders and its just as well because we took her in a few weeks before she gave birth to 4 beautiful kittens! Her kittens found homes once they were 8 weeks old and Squeaky is happy in her foster home awaiting the perfect family to come along and adopt her :)

Companion Care Foundation

Companion Care Foundation supports the CARE for Pets program - which provides assistance to Patients with Pets who live alone with their companion animals and must seek treatment in hospital

Sandy's Magic

One dear man whose dog Sandy was in care with us while he was in hospital - was told he would not be able to return home to be with Sandy and would have to move into a nursing home. CARE for Pets volunteers had been taking Sandy for weekly visits to the hospital where he was much loved by all but as the chosen nursing home was in QLD this couldn't continue. Pets make magic happen sometimes and arrangements were made for Sandy to not only go to QLD with his dad but to move into the same nursing home to socialise with all the residents everyday

Dachshund Rescue Australia Inc.

Dachshund Rescue Australia Inc is a group of volunteers devoted to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of dachshunds in need.

Operating since 2009, DRA provide a non-judgemental, nationwide service. We aim to ensure every dachshund has a safe, loving forever home with people who understand the quirks of the breed.


Tiger was living with an elderly lady who sadly had to move into a nursing home. When we first met Tiger he was grossly overweight and spent his days indoors and had not been for a walk in quite some time. He was also extremely sick and we weren’t sure if he only had a few months to live. Tiger has had extensive veterinary work and been given the all clear by the vets. He’s now living out in the country with acres to walk off some his weight, enjoying all the home comforts of sofas and beds and can’t stop wagging his tail in his new home.

Update from Tiger's new family:
Heather Dowdell: We are so lucky to have Tiger as part of our family. Tiger loves the farm and the new freedom he has.
I took him for a surprise visit to the nursing home to see his other mum. The look on her face was worth the 400 k round trip, we talked and walked for nearly an hour. Tiger was much loved and we offer him that continued love, "he is thriving in his new health". I reckon there will be more visits, in the coming months. Thanks Sharman for your assistance on yet another successful rescue.

Doggie Rescue saves dogs from the pounds, rehabilitates and then rehomes them. To date this private charity has re-homed over 11,500 dogs.

Every dog at Monika's Doggie Rescue has a story

After over fifteen years of inimitable hard work and dedication, Sydney’s largest private NO KILL animal welfare organisation Doggie Rescue, can announce that they have saved 11,000 dogs from death row. The lucky 11,000th saved life is a beautiful older Maltese boy by the name of Flick. This pint-sized pup is small in size but big in personality and at the age of 13, is indicative of so many older dogs that are looking for homes and still have plenty of love to give. Flick has arrived home with his new family on the Northern Beaches and has them wrapped around his little tail!

Save-A-Dog Scheme

Save-A-Dog Scheme (SADS) is a community-based, not-for-profit organisation that rescues and rehomes hundreds of dogs and cats each year. SADS was founded by Pam Weaver and began life as a rescue group, finding foster homes for dogs from other shelters and pounds that would otherwise be euthanised.

Never too old to find love

At 13, he may have been on the more mature side when he was adopted in 2014, but Maltese Sandrino took very little time to settle into his new home. “We didn’t know it until we found him, but he was the missing part of our family,” Owner Federica says. “And since we adopted him, we have seen him completely come out of his shell – he has learned lots of new things from being around our other dog, Rosie, and has blossomed into a confident little dog. We are so blessed to have him in our lives.”

Beagle Rescue NSW

We help find homes for Beagles abandoned, surrendered or available for re-homing by owners unable to keep them. We aim to educate potential owners about the breed to help reduce the number of Beagles surrendered due to their owners' unrealistic expectations. From March 2003 to April 2016 we have helped around 1,470 Beagles find their forever homes.

From terrified to tails wagging: the rescue and rehabilitation of 4 gorgeous girls

In Dec 2015, 4 female Beagles came into foster care from an RSPCA raid on a puppy farm. As young as 1 year old they had been mothers, were terrified & lacked any canine or human social skills. With patience & love from their 2 & 4-legged carers, they blossomed. Katniss & Angel have been rehomed, Rose is looking for her forever home now & Asha will be ready soon. Their happy endings are made possible thanks to our supporters, carers & the wonderful families who open their hearts & homes to our Beagles. Foster & adopt, it saves countless lives.

Ingrid's haven

Ingrid's Haven is an absolute no kill private shelter near Broadford in the Mitchell Shire, Victoria. Most of the cats come from death row at the pound and are never refused entry regardless of temperament, injuries, illness or age. The cats at Ingrid's Haven come de-sexed, micro chipped, vaccinated and parasite free.

Puddy gets a home

Claude & Norma lost their beloved Sally last Monday. Sally was adopted from the Haven five years ago. Puddy lost her family because they moved o/s and as always with these older surrendered cats the blues set in when it dawns on them that they have nothing left in life but living as a shelter cat. Claude asked me to pick a cat for him as I did with Sally. With tears streaming down Claude's face he said to Puddy 'you are coming home with us. Love can heal the pain, three beings have found one another, the healing can begin. RIP, Sally.

Greyhound Rescue

Greyhound Rescue was founded in 2009 by Janet and Peter Flann to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home greyhounds discarded by the racing industry. GR is a registered charity and relies solely on donations and fundraising events. The rescue, based in Sydney, has homed in excess of 1000 greyhounds since its inception.

Every Greyhound Deserves the Chance to Come Home

After 8 races and total winnings of $80, Shimmer Sky was deemed too slow and discarded by the industry. She was one of the lucky ones to make it to Greyhound Rescue. Zoumi now calls the Illawarra home along with her dedicated human servants and 2 chickens! Her favourite hobbies include sleeping, snoozing, siestas, napping and dozing. Watch her journey from racetrack to home on Every greyhound deserves the chance to come home.

Stafford Rescue Victoria Inc

Stafford Rescue Victoria was started in 1985 as The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of Victoria Inc Rescue Service. The intent was to establish a central point of contact for those who had lost or found a Stafford. Unfortunately this service fast became one of the most used and in 2013 the Rescue Service broke away from the club and now acts independently as Stafford Rescue Victoria Inc.

Cleo and her team of 10

After being bred by a backyard breeder and passing through the hands of several owners who struggled to care for her Cleo ended up with us and at only 9 months old we were devastated to find the poor little soul had life threatening liver shunt.

We knew we had to help and after going through an intricate 4 hour surgery performed by a team of 10, headed by Dr Stewart Ryan at Melbourne University Veterinary Hospital, Cleo was given the all clear.

The surgery costs mounted to nearly $9,000 and was funded totally by us and even though it was a high price to pay it was worth it to see Cleo back on her feet.

Hunter Animal Rescue

Hunter Animal Rescue are a dedicated, fostering group of volunteers who provide love, hope, a home and a voice for vulnerable animals in the Hunter. HAR is a not-for-profit organisation who dedicate their time to finding new homes for abandoned pets facing euthanasia. All animals are kept in foster carer homes where they experience a good life.

Rickys Fur-ever Home

Ricky caught my eye on the HAR website & when we met I fell in love instantly. His Carers were so nice & let him spend weekends at my house before the big move. Rickys the best fur baby out! I've enjoyed watching his personality show & he loves playing fetch, cuddles & meeting friendly dogs on walks. Everyone in my family loves him & he's so spoilt – just as he deserves to be. If you are thinking about a new pet consider getting a rescue. They will love you furever & really deserve another chance to live the rest of their lives being cherished.