Welcome to Working From Home

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Whether you have started doing it out of precaution or as the result of a required period of isolation, working from home has never been more popular than in the past few weeks.

In a way, thanks to our internet connections, mobile phones and laptops, we are fortunate enough that remote work is a possibility (for the majority of office-related jobs) and now a reality most of us are facing in a newly found daily routine.

As we are all adjusting, a couple of handy tips come to mind:
  • Set up a proper workspace, if possible, in a bright room
  • If you are lucky enough to have an actual study or spare room, set up your gear there so you don’t have to re-set your workspace on a daily basis
  • Find yourself a comfortable desk and, most importantly, a great chair! Your back and neck will thank you for that later (valid suggestion for any age bracket)
  • If you like to have a bit of a background noise going, put the radio on or, if you prefer silence, make sure you have headphones at hand reach
  • Whilst working from home, try maintaining the same routine you had at the office. Take tea and lunch breaks away from your desk and go for quick walks around the house every now and then to keep your circulation going
  • Now get some proper work done and, once finished, make sure you walk away from your desk and switch off for the day – we found unwinding is just as important as keep focussed whilst working to achieve the best results

We are aware this is it’s not rocket science, but we thought we would share with you what helped us setting up our new routines.

But what about who has to go to work? If your desk looks a lot more like a pile of soil or gravel with some scaffolding here and there it’s a bit of a different story altogether.

Here’s a few things to consider:
  • Keeping some tissue, sanitising gel, a mask and some plastic gloves in your car or in your bag so you can reach for them on the go
  • If driving, wipe your steering wheel, gear stick and door handles on the regular
  • On public transport try not to touch your face and wash your hands thoroughly prior boarding and soon after you disembark.  Also, use your common sense, practice social distancing whenever possible and avoid peak hours if your job allows for it
  • On a work site, wear your protective gear. Try not to share equipment (or clean it prior passing it on) and practice social distancing to keep you and your teammates safe

Let us know what worked well for you and your team and we will keep sharing tips during these isolation times.

For more information on Covid-19, please visit the Department of Health whilst for any Government updates please click here

If you’re keen to see us or chat with us, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Be well and stay safe!