Originally used in roads and laneways, cobblestones are now a popular choice for a variety of different surfaces. Evoking the charm of a bygone era, they’re the perfect combination of beauty and practicality, with a range of benefits including;

  • Strength – they’re very strong, making them perfect for load bearing areas such as driveways.
  • Durability – will last many years with minimal maintenance required.
  • Aesthetic appeal – can be laid in mosaics and patterns such as circles or fans, adding additional appeal to a driveway or courtyard.
  • Slip-resistance - have a slip-resistant surface that makes them ideal for steep surfaces or high traffic areas.
  • Versatility – can be used as edging to create attractive borders for lawns and garden beds.
  • Variety – come in a wide variety of colours, allowing you to perfectly complement your home’s exterior.
  • Old world charm – can be used to create a delightful focal point such as a cobbled courtyard or fountain.

What are cobblestones? 

Cobblestones are among the most recognisable of stones used in hardscaping. Traditionally used to pave roads, cobbles were often collected from rivers where constant erosion by running water had given them their trademark rounded edges (the word cobblestone comes from the English word ‘cob’, which means round or lumpy).

As well as paving driveways and paths, cobblestones can also be used to decorate buildings, walls and fireplace hearths and can be purchased in square and rectangular shapes with multiple surface finishes. They’re available in a variety of stone types including granite, limestone, slate, quartz and basalt and a wide range of colours. 

Typically supplied loose or pre-set on a mesh backing for quick and effective installation, most cobblestones also have a matching paver, tile, stepping stone and step tread, with many designs combining two or more of these products to create continuity and functionality. 

Cobblestone Paver Range

Cobblestones at Artisan Stone

Artisan Stone cobblestones are available in a variety of shades and textures, our cobblestone paver range includes Jymina, Raven, Raven Antique, Acero, Heritage, Porphyry Raw and Highland Grey.

If you visit one of our 3 showrooms in Sydney, Narellan or Canberra, our innovative displays will show you just how cobblestones would look in your design space. So view our range online and then come in and see us at Artisan Stone to discuss your ideas with our friendly team of experts.

Why choose Artisan Stone?

At Artisan Stone, our vision has always been to be the very best at what we do by providing our customers with a wide range of quality products at affordable prices and backing it up with exemplary customer service. Now with multiple stores across New South Wales and the ACT and more than 200 different items in our catalogue, we believe we’re achieving that goal more and more every day.

Our customers think we’re doing things right too. A glance at our testimonials page will show you that Artisan Stone comes highly recommended by a variety of home owners, builders and landscapers who’ve experienced our service and almost universally awarded us five stars in Google Reviews.  

Our tiles, pavers, pool copings, step treads, cobblestones, wall claddings, cappings and glass mosaics are all selected for their enduring quality and beauty. We invite you to view them at our Sydney or Canberra showrooms, where our innovative displays will give you a real feel for how they would look in your home.