Mapei MAPESIL AC Silicone

Solvent-free, acetic-cross-linking mildew-resistant silicone sealant, available in 26 colour and transparent. Ideal to use on Porcelain. Not to be used on natural stones.

Interior, exterior, ceramic tile floor and wall sealing of expansion joints of ± 25% expansion of the initial size in swimming pools, bathrooms and showers.

Mapesil AC can also be used for forming a perfectly elastic gasket between different elements in constructions, mechanical engineering, ship-building, automobile manufacturing, etc.

N.B. Mapesil AC adheres perfectly to glass, ceramics and anodized aluminium.

Technical data:
Formation of surface film: 10 minutes.
Shrinkage during cross-linking: 3.5%.
Speed of cross-linking: 4 mm a day; 10 mm in 7 days.
Ultimate elongation: 800%.
Movements under working conditions: ± 25%.
Shore-A-Hardness: 20.
Colours: 26 and transparent.
Application: sealant gun.
Storage: 24 months.
Consumption: Depends on the size of the joint.
Packaging: 310 ml cartridges.

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