Pedestal Installation System

A pedestal installation or raised floor system is an ideal solution where access to waterproofing is highly advantageous or consistent levels between internal and external spaces want to be achieved without visible drainage requirements. It also allows for cabling, ducting or wiring to be installed beneath the finished tile surface while remaining accessible should the need arise.

Areas particularly well suited to these systems are balconies in multi-storey buildings, common outdoor areas, high traffic commercial or public areas.

Advantages of pedestal installation systems include:

  1. Quick installation
  2. No direct fixing to slabs or waterproofing
  3. Ability to create drainage without impacting on surface level
  4. Lightweight
  5. Allows access to plumbing, electrical and waterproofing
  6. Assistance with acoustic isolation

Pedestal installation systems at Artisan Stone

Artisan Stone is the major importer and distributor for Eterno Ivica pedestals and polypads in Australia. As specialists in both pavers and pedestal installation systems, we are able to offer both pedestal and paver full raised floor systems.

We have solutions for all scenarios, including adjustable height pedestals, self-levelling pedestals, sound-proofing pedestals and weight load management and we are fully equipped to assist architects, designers, builders and developers with their projects.

Our displays can show you how a pedestal installation system would function in your project space. Call us on 1300 301 898 or visit us at one of our showrooms in Sydney, Narellan or Canberra and learn more about the exciting possibilities this technology can offer. 

The Artisan alternative

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When we source our natural stone from around the world, we adhere to strict selection criteria to ensure we only carry the finest examples available. With more than 200 items in our range, you’re guaranteed to find the exact colour, texture and finish you need for your building, renovation or landscaping project. As well as this, the unique displays at our Sydney, Narellan and Canberra showrooms allow you to see just how our products will appear in your home or design setting.