Porcelain Pavers - Outdoor 20

If you’re looking for outdoor pavers or outdoor tiles, one of the best options available on the market are porcelain pavers. These are ideal for a wide range of outdoor applications including patios, pool coping and surrounds, terraces and walkways. Porcelain pavers have a number of advantages including: 

  1. Slip-resistant and ideal for use around swimming pools or spas.
  2. Stronger and more durable than many other paving options and ideal for high traffic areas.
  3. Non-porous, with no sealing necessary.
  4. Frost-tolerant and won’t crack during freezing and thawing cycles in cold climates.
  5. Low maintenance due to their resistance to stains, chemicals, mould, mildew, chipping, scratches and furniture marks. 
  6. UV resistant, as their baked-on glaze protects them from fading in the sun.
  7. Easy to install, with no sealing required, they can be placed directly onto screeded sand, road base, in combination with a pedestal system or a concrete bed.
  8. Easy to clean with household cleaner or a low-pressure washer.
  9. Environmentally friendly, as they are made from recycled materials.

What are porcelain pavers?

Porcelain pavers are outdoor paving slabs that have been made from porcelain as an alternative to concrete, bricks or natural stone. Porcelain pavers are made with kiln-fired clay and recycled materials and, during their manufacture, they undergo a variety of processes to achieve superior uniformity and density throughout the slab. 

They are composed of structurally compressed clay that has virtually no weaknesses or fracture points, creating an extremely strong, dense and durable paver with a very high break load.
Because they are manufactured, porcelain pavers can also be creatively designed in their patterning, colouring and textures in a variety of styles that can closely mimic the appearance and texture of concrete, natural wood or stones such as quartz, sandstone or travertine. This allows you to have low maintenance flooring in your outdoor areas featuring the beauty of natural products. 

Porcelain Pavers - Livermore Series

Porcelain Pavers - Materia Series

Porcelain Pavers - Tierra Series

Porcelain Pavers - Stone Series

Porcelain pavers at Artisan Stone

At Artisan Stone, our Outdoor 20 series of porcelain pavers is a unique range of 20mm thick porcelain stoneware tiles that have been structurally engineered for high resistance to breaking load and stress.

These pavers combine the movement and characteristics of natural stone and woodgrains with a variety of different colours and hues. Our porcelain paver range includes our Materia, Livermore, Tierra and Stone series.         

Visit one of our showrooms in Sydney, Narellan or Canberra or call our team on 1300 301 898 to learn more. 

The Artisan Stone story

At Artisan Stone, our goal is to make your project an inspirational experience, whether you’re building, renovating or landscaping, and with more than 200 different products, friendly expert staff and innovative showroom displays, we have the resources to satisfy your every need.

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