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Jura Beige Outdoor Porcelain Pavers

Our Jura Beige Structural Porcelain Pavers combine the gentle cream tones and fossilised characteristics of Jura Beige Limestone with a highly slip resistant surface. Utilising dozens of individual prints achieves the natural colour variation and character that has made Jura Beige a favourite in the Pool and Landscape industry.  Structurally engineered for high resistance to breaking load and stress the Jura Beige is ideal for outdoor areas, both public and private and is the perfect product for those who are looking for the beauty of stone without the sealing and maintenance requirements.

Key Features:

  • Does not require sealing and pre-sealing
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Salt resistant
  • Frost resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Uniform in size and thickness
  • Mould and Moss resistant
  • High level of chemical resistance
  • High weight load resistance
  • High slip resistance
  • Can be laid on road base, sand, grass, pedestals and slabs

Recommended Adhesives, Grouts and Application Methods will vary dependant on intended usage and substrate. Please click here to contact one of our sales representatives to discuss the most suitable installation products for your requirements.

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