Pots. Jars. Troughs

Clay pots, fibreglass pots, terracotta jars and ornamental troughs can all be used creatively to bring your outdoor spaces to life. By paying attention to a few simple design rules, it’s possible to transform an ordinary outdoor entertainment or garden area through the placement of pots, jars and troughs to add colour, symmetry and visual interest. 

As a general rule, larger pots tend to make the space look bigger, they also provide more room for growth and usually result in healthier potted plants. 
Where you place your containers in the space is also important, strategic placement can allow you to create a variety of effects, such as matching pots framing an entryway, evenly spaced containers of ornamental grasses creating a hedge-like formality or a cluster of different sized pots adding a focal point to an otherwise neutral space.

A particularly versatile type of container is the classic trough which, thanks to its uniform shape, can be deployed in a variety of ways. For instance, troughs are ideal for providing low level privacy and screening, such as on a roof garden, creating barriers and dividing zones in a space or adding greenery in outdoor areas where space is limited.  

As well as providing aesthetic appeal, pots, jars and troughs can also double as vegetable gardens, herb gardens, trees or ornamental grasses in environments such as balconies and terraces where plants might otherwise not be an option.

The height ratio for potted plants should generally be 2/3rds pot to 1/3rd plant and half in half for potted trees but we would always recommend contacting your local nursery to help you select the most suited variety of plant for your pots. As for styles, you can match your pots with the architecture of your building, opting for clean lines in simple matt blacks, whites or greys for modern buildings and handmade terracotta for more traditional forms of architecture or vice versa to create a juxtaposition in styles, the fact is, it’s your home and your style, so have fun with it.

Pots, jars & troughs at Artisan Stone

At Artisan Stone, our range of pots, jars and troughs features the Contemporary Collection, Antique Collection and exclusive LANDARE Collection. This comprehensive range spans everything from durable, lightweight fibreglass planters to hand-thrown antique lime-washed clay pots and jars. We also stock selected hand carved wooden troughs, demijohn glass jars and a curated selection of highly unique one-off items.

Our innovative displays let you see how our pots and planters would appear in your own outdoor space, so come and visit us at one of our showrooms in Sydney, Narellan or Canberra and explore the possibilities these beautiful pots, jars and troughs can create.

The Artisan Story

Our reputation for providing the right products and outstanding service has seen Artisan Stone grow over the years to become one of Australia’s leading providers of building and landscape materials. We now have multiple stores across NSW and the ACT where you can select from a huge range of tiles, pavers, cobblestones, wall claddings and glass mosaics.

We adhere to strict selection criteria to ensure the materials we import are always high quality and as a consequence, our natural stone products are some of the finest available on the market today. And at our Sydney and Canberra showrooms, our innovative displays allow you to get a real feel for our products as they would appear in an indoor or outdoor setting. With over 200 different items in our catalogue, we have what you need for your next project and we can help you transform any area into a unique and inviting living space.