The LANDARE Collection

LANDARE is the brainchild of Tim Sarathip Chaichana, Senior Designer at Good Manors and Grant Boyle, Landscape Designer and Director of Fig Landscapes. 

Launched in 2019 with the intention to create large scale planters for commercial and residential applications, LANDARE features a range of hand-crafted, wood-fired clay pots that are inspired by the Australian landscape.

Designed in Australia and brought to life with traditional Thai pottery techniques in Tim’s family district of Northern Thailand, this incredible range of unique, statement pieces is a celebration of beautiful textures and natural raw materials, combined with ancient treasured techniques and elevated by inspired design. 

The products featured in Collection One take their inspiration from Australian natives with the Banksia, Correa, Gumnut and Corymbia each celebrating the unique features of these icons of the Australian landscape.

Artisan Stone is the proud exclusive distributor of LANDARE planters along Australia’s East Coast.