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Stepping Stones

Stepping stones can add another dimension to a garden, bringing a touch of greenery to an otherwise solid path and introducing the textural contrast of natural stone. They can be used practically, to create low impact footpaths in high traffic areas, or whimsically as meandering pathways leading off into secret corners of the garden.

By their very nature, stepping stones invite you to go on a journey, whether it’s to a particular feature in your garden or just up the garden path. They’re a great way to connect various zones in your backyard. 

Benefits of stepping stones include:

  • Low impact – because they are interspersed with greenery, they blend into a natural garden setting.
  • Low maintenance – stone pavers are highly durable and can last for many years without requiring maintenance or replacement.
  • Practical – as they can be used to achieve hard /soft ratio requirements where a solid path is not essential

What are stepping stones? 

Stepping stones are typically, large format individual pavers, set at an average distance of 200-400mm apart to form a simple path. The shape of the stepping stones used will depend on the garden they are to be laid in, with squares and rectangles being more suited to a formal garden and irregularly shaped stepping stones allowing for more creative expression, these stepping stones can be used in multiple sizes to add character to areas restricted by space such as pathways along the side of a house, the can also be used to create meandering pathways or features amongst groundcover planting.

As for materials, a wide choice of stone types can be used for stepping stones, including everything from sandstone and bluestone to limestone and travertine.  

There are loads of practical ways to fill the space between your stepping stones, with many people opting for decorative pebbles, river pebbles, ground cover plants, bark and grass. Just remember to trim grass with a whipper snipper as a lawn mower with damage your stepping stones.

Range of Steppers

Stepping stones at Artisan Stone

At Artisan Stone, we offer steppers in a variety of colours, textures and finishes including Organic Steppers, Raven Black Granite, Highland Grey Granite, Ash Bluestone, Premium Silver Travertine, Premium Light Travertine, Olympus Travertine and Olive Limestone.

Our large stepping stones are designed to be used in conjunction with our matching pavers, tiles, step treads and cobblestones, so why not discuss your project ideas with our team. The innovative displays in our Sydney, Narellan or Canberra showrooms can show you how everything would work together in your garden or outdoor space, so be sure to call in soon and meet our friendly expert team.

The Artisan story

The team at Artisan Stone is dedicated to making your building, renovation or landscaping project a pleasant, positive and inspirational experience. With more than 200 different products in our catalogue, alongside expert staff and innovative showroom displays, we believe we have the resources to bring your design dreams to life.

You’ll find an extensive range of tiles, pavers, pool copings, step treads, cobblestones, wall claddings, cappings and glass mosaics both online and in instore at Artisan Stone. All our products are selected for their enduring quality and natural beauty, and our showroom displays allow you to see first-hand how the products will look installed in your home or design project.

We have multiple stores across NSW and the ACT, with showrooms in Sydney, Narellan and Canberra. If you like the idea of natural stone and are interested in exploring the possibilities further, contact us at Artisan Stone for advice on a variety of options.