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Stone Capping

Natural stone capping provides the perfect finishing touch to a stone retaining wall, fence, column or pier. It softens the harsh edges of these structures and ties the design together by linking the horizontal and vertical features. 

  • As well as dressing a wall, other benefits of stone capping in landscape design can include:
  • Protection – stone capping helps protect walls and pillars from damage and also from the ingress of water.
  • Versatility – stone capping on a wall can provide additional seating in an entertainment area.  
  • Other uses – stone capping can be used for other purposes such as dressing stone steps or creating a stone hearth for a fireplace.

Stone capping comes with a choice of edges including rock-faced, split-faced, bull-nosed and squared. It also comes in a variety of thicknesses and finishes such as sawn, or honed, and can be natural, smooth-faced, sandblasted or acid-washed, depending on the kind of natural stone you select and the look you’re trying to achieve.

What is stone capping?

Stone capping is an essential component of a feature or retaining wall, pillar or pier. It dresses the horizontal surface and completes the look, creating continuity between the vertical and horizontal surfaces and enhancing the structure’s overall appearance.

When choosing stone capping, the style should match the type of stone wall cladding being used, with a focus on the colour and texture to maximise visual continuity. As well as stone capping, corner pieces are also needed to create a natural, seamless look and like the capping, these should be finished to complement the aesthetics of your wall.

Range of Capping

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