Stone Crazy Paving

Looking to add character to your outdoor or indoor space? Crazy Paving is an increasingly sought after finish that is proving as versatile as it is striking. Made up of irregularly shaped and sized individual stones Crazy Pavers adds texture and character and has endless uses, from driveways to patios, firepits, pool areas and pathways.

Some of the many benefits of Crazy Paving include:

  • Strength – the individual pieces are thick and dense enough to carry heavy loads without cracking, making them ideal for driveways and any heavy traffic areas.
  • Durability – the stone types used for crazy paving are highly durable, lasting for many years without needing to be replaced.
  • Versatility – the irregular shape and size of crazy pave lends itself to being used in a multitude of designs. Curves and circular spaces are easily adapted to, while crazy pave can perfectly offset simplicity in surrounding design elements such as vertical timber, form and pour concrete, render and brickwork.

What is stone crazy paving? 

As the name suggests, stone crazy paving is where paving stones of irregular size and shape are laid in a crazy or haphazard manner, creating uniquely random patterns.
With a diverse range of natural stone types, textures and colour variations available, these patterns can be as random as you like, while still being framed neatly by the borders of the area being paved.

As well as driveways and paths, crazy paving works well in outdoor entertainment areas, courtyards, pool surrounds and gardens, bringing a highly creative look to an otherwise neutral or uninspiring space. Crazy paving can also be used indoors and is becoming an increasingly sought after finish for both outdoor and indoor use. 

Crazy paving stones can include everything from slate, basalt and bluestone to limestone, quartz and sandstone. 

Stone Crazy Paving

Stone crazy paving at Artisan Stone

At Artisan Stone, our stone crazy paving has been carefully sourced across a range of high density, durable natural stones. The irregular shape, size and colour of our crazy paving makes it ideal for offsetting contemporary designs or enhancing traditional settings.

Our range of stone crazy flooring includes Arkkia, Calor, Porphyry and Ash and if you visit our showrooms in Sydney, Narellan or Canberra, our innovative displays will show the character, variation and finished appearance of these stones. Give us a call on 1300 301 898 or see us at Artisan Stone and discuss your ideas with our expert team. 

Reasons to choose Artisan Stone

Artisan Stone was established with a single aim; to become an industry leader and the very best in delivering quality stone products to the Australian market. To reach that goal, we have strived over the years to consistently offer the best products at market competitive prices. We have backed this up with the highest level of customer service to ensure our customers achieve the result their after, every time.

We now have more than 200 products in our range, as well as multiple stores throughout NSW and the ACT. With a history of hundreds of satisfied customers, we’re confident we’re well on our way to achieving our goal and becoming Australia’s number-one stone supplier.

Our tiles, pavers, cobblestones, wall claddings and glass mosaics are selected for their enduring quality and beauty. Come and visit one of our showrooms to see what’s possible, and we’re sure you’ll be inspired to create something truly unique with your next indoor or outdoor project.